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Penguin Posse 3: Penguin Movie Night

Hey guys, it’s me, Baby P!
Guess what?!

A new outside movie theater opened in Oasis Springs called, Bohemian Movie ReelsIt was built by DruTruBuilder and he is the truest builder ever! It is so cool. Wait ’til everyone sees it.


Me and Olivia and all our simself friends are going to see a movie I have waited WEEKS for!! Super Kids: Cortex Catastrophe! It is going to be the bestest ever.



Me and Olivia got our seats. They were so floofy!

And we got popcorn! It was pretty good!  But I think candy would be somethin’ I prefer at the movies instead of poppin’ corn.

Livvie loved hers though!

Haha!  Olivia Love loves popcorn. That’s funny to say.

Everyone else finally showed up. The big birds are so slow!


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Friendsgiving: Walk in the Park

Friendsgiving 2015 is a movable feast and celebration of friendship.
Sims’ speeches and dialogue provided by the Simmers. Thank you, friends!

Appetizers | Main Course | Walk in the Park | Dessert


Jessica (Jes2G): Happy Friendsgiving, JRose!

JRose (aroseinbloom): Happy day, my friend!

Lorraine (from Silver Daybreak): Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U. S. We Canadians celebrated back in October, but it’s fun to get to have a second Thanksgiving here with all of you.


Ms. Magna Carta (MadameLee): Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6th in 1879, when Parliament declared a national day of thanksgiving.


Amanda (CitizenErased14): What are you thankful for, Derubelle?

Derubelle: I’m not sure, what about you?


Amanda: I’m thankful for all the readers of Dust to Dust, and for my Simming friends–

Derubelle: Oh! I know! I’m thankful for turnips!

Amanda: Turnips? I mean, oh, cool.


Maria Wolff (CharmingMaruska): Oh! I’ve been overdoing it with food! First, July Vee’s buffet party, then that huge, delicious meal at eXo’s! I’m so happy we were able to walk it off a bit!


CT: Isn’t it beautiful here? All the flowers! All the butterflies!

Maria Wolff: I love butterflies!  This is a great park. I’m really thankful for the nature, bringing us all this joy.

CT: Me, too. Every day, I walk outside, and, oh, vadish! The garden! The mountains! The birds! The clouds!

Maria Wolff: The sun. Vadish! I’m also very thankful for this community. I’m usually shy, and I’ve always had a hard time meeting new people and making friends, so it really means a lot to me to find like-minded people who are willing to share my passion with me.


Kit: Me, too, Maruska. You know, I’ve never been one for many friends. And until I met you guys, I never thought I would find such a wonderful group of individuals. But I did, and I am so very, very grateful to be a part of this family. You all are so amazing and creative and unique, I am just so thankful to be here today and be a part of this, so thank you for letting me be here today.


Maria Wolff: Of course, I’m also thankful that I’ve discovered all these wonderful stories!

CT: Oh, me, too! I never have to wonder what I will read next, because my reading list is overfull with great SimLit stories! Which reminds me, I’ve fallen behind on the Rossini Family Legacy! I miss your beautiful Sims! I’ll catch up soon. I’m looking forward to many happy hours this winter break reading SimLit and sipping coffee!


Maria Wolff: I’ve found so much inspiration and joy through these stories.

CT: Hey, Noalyn! How’s it going?


NoaLyn: Hey Cathy Tea! It’s great, we have so much snow where I live and I just love it! How’re you?

CT: I’m good! The garden is full of goldfinches who are feasting on the Mexican sunflower seeds, and I’m about to put in the winter garden. I just started a new neighborhood rotation, too, so I’m enjoying that. What are you writing these days?

NoaLyn: Still writing my legacy, though I have so much other ideas in my mind… I recently thought about writing Harry Potter FanFictions in SimLit! How does that sound to you?


CT: Ooh! That sounds awesome! I think you could have a lot of fun with that, and I’m sure there will be a lot of readers interested, like SummerFalls, Meggles, and me!


CT: I love thinking about the silly things that happen in games. I still chuckle over the gen 9 heir in my legacy playing cards with Grim! His poker face was so funny, considering he has no face! Any silly things happen in your games recently?

NoaLyn: Oh, Cypress is so cool! I’ve never seen Grim in TS4 to be honest; nobody died since I started playing it a year ago. I tend to put aging off. I don’t wanna see my Sims die. This will be hard when they do in my legacy! Oh, it’s so hard. I’ll be so glad when the legacy is done and I can turn aging off!

Amanda: But, why turnips, Alexandra?

Derubelle: Well, you can bake can roast them… mash’em… eat them raw…


NoaLyn: Once I had a glitch in one of my saves where one of my teen girls swam around the neighbourhood, obviously thinking everything is water, LOL!


CT: I would love to see that! When I used to be on the swim team, I would always move through the neighborhood like I was swimming, practicing my strokes! Maybe she’s a competitive swimmer!

Noalyn: Maybe she has a hidden insane trait! I love those hidden traits, like the future heir in my legacy, she really has a hidden active trait! Did you have any experiences with hidden traits?

CT: I sure did! Salix had hidden “Loves the Outdoors,” and nearly every Bough, in one way or another, had hidden goofball!


Bunny: Ooh Cathy, your outfit is pretty.

CT: Ha! Thanks, Bunny! This is just my usual garden clothes! Your outfit looks awesome on you!


Bunny (ilovebunnys65): If I was older and I saw Abe Lincoln  and he was giving a speech I would be like, ABE LINCOLN IS MY BABY DADDY! WELL, MY FUTURE BABY DADDY! I BEEN SEEIN HIM IN DA CLUB, AND HE WAS LIKE,  “I KNOW YOU’RE YOUNG, BUT IT’S LIKE IN THE MEDIEVAL TIMES, SO IT DOESN’T MATTER!”


CT:  What’s the deal with Abe Lincoln?

Ms. Magna Carta: It was Abraham Lincoln who, on October 3rd in 1863, while expressing gratitude for a Union Army victory at Gettysburg,  proclaimed that the United States will celebrate an official Thanksgiving holiday on November 26, 1863. Actually it was a president some years after “Honest Abe” who made last Thursday in November be US Thanksgiving (mostly due to pressure from retailers. In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the real date, October 12. I don’t know what Abe Lincoln was thinking.


CT: Oh, thanks, Ms. Magna Carta! I didn’t know that! I mean, I knew about the Canadian Thanksgiving being in October, which seems to me a like a great time to have it, so that it coincides with harvest feats, but I didn’t know that it was Lincoln who proclaimed it.

Ms. Magna Carta: It was FDR (whom I like to consider the “disabled” president-because he technically was disabled but he did try to hide it). Honest Abe through whomever was president prior to FDR had US Thanksgiving be on the final Thursday of November but FDR changed it to fourth Thursday (which sometimes ends up being the final one). The founder of what is now known as Macy’s is sometimes credited with establishing that, since back at the time time advertising Christmas during Thanksgiving was illegal. But there was controversy between 1930 and 1941 when Congress passed a law which made the Fourth Thursday be Thanksgiving. But back to the previous topic, it wasn’t the medieval times when Abraham Lincoln was alive, Bunny. Abe Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, and he was assassinated on April 15, 1865. He was six feet four, which was very tall for the nineteenth Century. If he had been that tall in medieval times, he would have been considered a giant.


CT: He was a giant, at least for our country.

Ms. Magna Carta: The medieval period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery.

Bunny: You know what I mean! Anyway, Abe Lincoln would be like. “That ain’t my baby momma.” Then he winks at me and continues his speech.

Jessica: Sounds like Bunny needs a nap!


Bunny: I heard that! I wish we had a twerking mod and we could all twerk in hot dog suits! Just an idea! But would you do it? Here’s the link:

CT: Sorry, Bunny. We’re vanilla over here.


Jessica: I’m thankful to be here with all you cool Sims. Thanks for having us, Cathy! I’m also thankful for my player who lets me go on all these awesome adventures. I wouldn’t know all of you if she didn’t.

CT: Have some tea, Jes?

Jessica: Are there any strong, black teas like English Breakfast?

CT: I’ll head down to the kitchen and brew some.


Amanda: I like rutabagas, kind of.


Derubelle: Sure, but turnips can be boiled or pickled…


PinkSlinky: You know, this pleasant day reminds me of Thanksgiving three years ago when our oven was broken, so we cooked a turkey and a ham on the grill outside. We were very thankful for the warm Thanksgiving day.


CT: Hey, Rae! Rory! Look at this! It’s from Annette via InfraGreen Delivery Company, fastest mail drop on the planet!


Raerei: Oooh! It’s Annette! And Samira!


CT: I know! Look how big Samira is! And she’s got the little demon fangs and all purple skin! She’s adorable!

Raerei: Little grapenut!


iheartdinosx3: Any of you guys want to come keep me company at SimStop while I’m working on Black Friday?


friendsfan367: I would, but I’m watching “Days of Our Lives,” so that when Brian talks about the show, I know what he’s talking about! And I just thought of what I’m thankful for! I’m thankful nobody gets mad when I start over with my legacies. I guess it’s because my Sims are funny.


iheartdinosx3: When I have Thanksgiving with my family, after we eat we all pass out and then we wake back up and play videogames later on together. It’s pretty friggin’ awesome!


CeCe: Hi, Patrick! What do you do?


Patrick (SimsLover136):  I’m a college student that loves writing Sim Stories and is a devoted Simmer.

CeCe: Oh! Me, too! College is so hard!


iheartdinosx3: College has been killing me lately and I’m glad to get away from it all. Too bad I still have 1000 test cases due by Monday.


Patrick: Have you heard of the Odette and Angela Morning Show?


CeCe: No.

Patrick: Well, it’s a show hosted by Odette Lapointe and Angela Mäkinen. They get together and talk about what’s going in the Sim World and they also interview Sims on interesting topics!

CeCe: Oh, that’s so awesome! I can hardly wait until I get a break from college so that I can get back to work on my Olivia Love stories!


Derubelle: Oh and you can eat turnips raw… boil them… steam them…


Ms. Magna Carta: I’m thankful that as a child I was able to spent time with my grandparents (but not on Thanksgiving..but like Christmas especially on Mom’s kind of got crowded there–one set of grandparents, two sets of parents, and either four or five kids running around). I’m also thankful for joining an employment program in the new year (a bit early I know).


JulyVee: I’m thankful for all the great food we’re sharing today!


Ms. Magna Carta: Oh, did you know that the song “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving Carol?

CT: I had no idea! That’s fascinating! My favorite Thanksgiving song is “Over the River and Through the Woods!”


Everyone (singing): Over the river and through the woods
To grandmother’s house we go!
The horse knows the way to guide the sleigh
That’s all the words we know, HO!

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Amanda: Uh-huh. Yeah, uh… Well… You know, it would’ve been nice to have turnips for Thanksgiving but you know what I like most? Sweet potato pie.. It’s just so nice don’t you th-


Derubelle: –Oh yes, of course… how could I forget? Maple-Glazed Turnips! Best dessert ever!

OJenn: I am thankful for friendship. And this friendsgiving I am reminded of an anonymous quotation:


OJenn: Friendship means understanding, not agreement.
It means forgiveness, not forgetting.
It means the memories last, even if contact is lost.


OJenn: I have seen through our shared love of literature that we live and breathe this daily, every time we interact with one another in the community, and it’s really a beautiful thing. Thank you for your friendships!

BBQPenguinWings: I am so thankful, too, Jenn, to have met all these amazing new friends and their amazing talent. And it is super awesome that you and Jes and I are so near each other! I never thought I would meet anyone on the forums in my same area, let alone two!


JoieWilder: I am thankful I am to have found this great, supportive group of friends.


CeCe: Attention, everybody!  I would like to thank Rory for coming up with this idea of Friendsgiving and for sharing all of her enthusiasm, and I would like to thank all the hosts for putting together such an awesome event. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are glad to be your friends.


CT: Thanks to friendsfan, for coming up with the idea of the Writers’ Lounge! And thanks to each of you for joining it and contributing to our creative community. And thanks to the game-gods for all of our lovely and amazing Sims–each and every one! Now, who’s ready for dessert at Sabreene’s?

<< Main Course | Dessert >>


My Windenberg Adventure

Spookytacular Event: #3 Smell My Feet Meet-N-Greet

I am so excited! Today I get to meet Olivia Love!

She is going to be my Smell My feet Meet-n-Greet companion!  I don’t have friends my age so I can’t wait.

The Watcher tells me that she is adorable like me! I doubt she is as adorable as me.   It’s hard to be this awesome but I bet she is close!

I met her out in front of this really cool village. It was all decorated for Halloween. And Ninjapig met us there!

I think she might steal our candy. I am going to keep a eye out.

There is Olivia!

She is so cute and we match!

She smiled shyly at me as I waved and walked up to her.

“Hi! I am Baby! And you and I match so we have to be bestest friends!”

She broke in to a wide grin and I knew we would be okay.

“Hi. I am Olivia Love! I am very excited to trick-or-treat with you!”

Olivia and I talked and talked and laughed. She has the funniest jokes and she laughed at all of mine of course because I am the funniest Penguin in the world

“…And my mommy took my nose!”
“But then she gave it back!”
“He called you Green Olive?! Ugh Stupid boys!” “Yeah, he did. Stupid Eric!”
“Well if we went to first grade together it wouldn’t be stupid!”
“We could get Eric back…like…like…put glitter in his hair…or or.. call him Erica!”
“That would be so funny!”

You ready to get some treats? Yeah!

This is the first house. Ninjapig beat us!

Knock knock!
TRICK OR TREAT! SMELL MY FEET! This is Jrose. She is a kitty. She said she was going to make us her best apple pie! I love apple pie!

The secret to a great apple pie is a light and flaky crust!

Lots of cinnamon and nutmeg!
And lots of love!

This is going to be my best pie ever!

Now to bake it. Who wants to help me make fresh whipped cream?!
This was the best apple pie I ever eated
Olivia and Ninjapig agreed

We thanked Jrose for her pie and ran to the next house. Ninjapig’s home with Ninja Pig!

Ninja Pig made us a zombie cake!!
She did not talk much. Olivia whispered to me that she didn’t know how she could eat with her mouth covered. I told her ninjas are sneaky!

The Ninja vanished before we could thank her! Ninjapig said she knows!

I heard that this guy was the Cupcake King and I love cupcakes!
Joel made Olivia macaroons and my favorite…Red Velvet cupcakes!
These are the best I have ever had. Even better than my mommys
Don’t tell my mommy though

One more before we leave! I am so glad you guys love them!
One more is a good idea!

Thanks cupcake guy!
Next stop…Ojenn!

12-02-15_3-50-57 PM
Ojenn made delicious cereal treats!
12-02-15_3-54-24 PM
She even decorated them.
12-02-15_3-54-46 PM
They were so good!

12-02-15_3-58-46 PM12-02-15_3-58-26 PM12-02-15_3-57-58 PM

12-02-15_5-00-05 PM
Next up..Rory’s!
12-02-15_4-48-51 PM
Tinkerbell Rory made us sugar cookies!
12-02-15_4-41-34 PM
I love sugar!

12-02-15_5-06-44 PM12-02-15_5-07-22 PM12-02-15_5-09-32 PM

12-02-15_5-11-00 PM
Last..Miss Cathytea!
12-02-15_5-10-28 PM
She made us delicious and healthy
12-02-15_5-12-11 PM
Sugar free carob coconut cake!

12-02-15_5-12-03 PM

12-02-15_5-12-17 PM
How was your night girls? Oh Miss Cathy we had the best time at the Smell my Feet Meet and Greet.. 

 11-02-15_5-27-07 PM

Let’s go back to the Penguin Palace and eat all the candy we got!


Wild Forest Plums: The West Wind’s Poet

I found Marty looking out over the lake.

“It’s your birthday!” I said.

We sat together and watched the sunlight dance on the water.


“I’ve got a story for you,” I said.

Once there was this poet who lived in a gray world. All around him, it was dreary and people were sad, but the poet could always find one spot of color, which he tried to point out to those around him. But they could never see it.


One day, the West Wind came and swooped up the poet and carried him off to a world where there was color everywhere.


“Do you know where you are?” asked the West Wind.

“I’m home!” said the poet, and he roamed through meadow and woods, city and street, and everywhere was color and brightness and light and shadow.


Eventually, the East Wind swung down and lifted the poet.

“Wait!” he said. “Where are we going?”


And he was dropped right back where he started.

Only this time, there was color all around, and only the people were gray.


“Can’t you see it?” the poet asked. But they continued in their frown.

He pulled out his sketchbook and began to write and draw what he saw.

He handed the sheet to the first person who walked by, who looked at the drawing, read the poem, looked up, and smiled.


And every day, after that, the poet began to describe the world around him, in all its colors, all its light, all its shadow.

And with that, he began to heal the world, one sketch, one word at a time.

“Happy birthday, Marty!” I said, when the story ended.

And we went to our easels, and, in silence, we painted what we saw.


Spookytacular Special: #2 Penguin Poltergeist Party

It is time for my next Spookytacular event…The Penguin Poltergeist Party!

I changed into my party clothes and welcomed my guests,

Ojenn as a fierce Spartan, Cece as the lovely Queen of Hearts, Ninja Pig as a…well. Ninja, Joel as a zombie schoolboy, Rory as Tinkerbell (friendsfan would approve), and CT as the earth mother witch.

While everyone met in the foyer, Tinkerbell Rory joined Elder in the kitchen
They shared recipes for the best Zombie cake. Ninjapig wanted the first taste.
While everyone was meeting each other and chatting Jenn busted a move.

Can you understand Ninja Pig with her mouth covered like that Joel?

Ninja are great at dancing. And there is Cece and her fancy costume!

After the foyer party everyone headed outside for some pumpkin carvin’
Ninjapig gave some pointers to Ninja Pig. Only cuz she promised to share.

All finished. Rory’s is the sparklin’ puke one
Time for horseshoes! Joel is up first!

After I neat everyone it was time for hide and seek in the maze.

Rory found a Ninjapig

I found an easter egg. Go read my short story!

That is a creepy cat Cece!

Looks like Ninja Pig went around the maze.

CT found Jack and Sally and some crows.

Dance party time!

Thank you for joining our party. And Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

Thanks to the simmers who participated!

Joel (Summerfalls), Jenn (Ojenn), Cece (putacece4lyfe), NinjaPig and Ninja Pig(ninjapigsims), CT (Cathytea) and Megan (Rory)

Build By: Sawdust123, Redecorated for my needs

ICA: Peggy’s Day

We have a new neighbor in the Ice Cream House district, so some of my roomies and I headed over to meet her.


I loved her front yard–lots of flowers and Halloween decorations!

Inside the house felt a little spooky–don’t look now, but is that a claw holding that candle?


I found our new neighbor in the living room, already dressed in her costume. At least, I thought it was her costume. When I said to her, “Hey, great witch costume!” she just looked at me with a puzzled expression.


“You’re just in time!” she said. “I’m throwing a Spooky Party! Actually… don’t tell! It’s really my birthday party, but since it’s on Halloween, I’m calling it a Spooky Party! Now, why don’t you all race home and put your costumes on, and when you come back, we can party Sim-style!”

When we returned, all decked out in our costumes, we discovered that she’d changed into a pizza-delivery zombie, a tribute to her grandson, she said, who’s, apparently, some sort of expert on Zombie-Apocalypse, Kiwi-style. Which means the witch outfit was… her everyday clothes?


“I love how costumes let us bring out our true nature,” said Rae, dressed like a sci-fi trooper-guy.

Ninja Pig (eXokamikaze) and I wore the same costume. I don’t even know what it is. I chose it because it’s whimsical and comfortable, and the boots are awesome. Ninja said it represented a commitment to justice, goodness, and all that’s right in the world, so I’ll go with her interpretation! Yes! #teamallthatsright!

Ninja Pig

“Oh my!” said Vanity High, when Mia (anemone/marcellala) walked in.  “I had no idea I wouldn’t be the only Princess Leia!”

“That’s why I chose the maid costume,” said Meggles. “Who else would want to be a maid?”


Rory was tending bar outside. “I always wanted to be a mixologist for Halloween!” she laughed.

“And you’re an awesome one!” I said. “This juice is fantastic!”


Marketa (ThePlumbob), Carewren, and Rosey stood in the garden wondering about Windenburg.

“Do you think we’ll be able to live there?” Carewren asked.

“I’m not sure!” Marketa said. “But I’m looking forward to the clubs! I’m trying to decide which clubs I want to form.”

“How about a fan club for Bloomers?” Rosey suggested.


Inside, Jordan and Rae were getting to know Peggy.

“That adventurer’s spirit,” Peggy was saying, “I can see you’ve both got. Look at your costumes! Pilot and Star Wars rebel! You know, I’ve been quite a rebel adventurer myself, in my day.”

“I bet you still are,” Jordan said.

“Well, I’m not spilling any secrets… but, hey! I’m not just any pizza-delivering zombie-guy!”


“And so, we gather here, motley crew of renegade Simselves, to wish ‘many regards of the day’ to our newly beloved newest neighbor,” Meggles practiced her speech outside.

“Maybe something a little funnier?” suggested Mia.

“I’m heading inside to find the guest of honor,” said Maria Wolff (carovnamaruska/ CharmingMaruska).


“Good idea!” said Ren (Jufanzaly). “What are we doing out here?”

“Let’s go find the birthday zombie!” said Carewren.

“I think she’s in watching TV,” said Miss Penguin, in a pirate’s drawl. “The All Blacks are playing in the finals!”


Inside, the All Blacks were indeed playing in the finals.

“Oh, my!” said Ninja. “This game is a little violent, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t it delicious?” said Kimmy.

Julie Vee laughed. “Rugby really is awesome!”

“I don’t understand why they’re standing with their arms like that, shouting ‘Hooo Haaa!'” said Maria.


Peggy wasn’t watching the All Blacks, though. She’d heard something in the kitchen, and there was Rosey, whipping up a batch of cheese eyeballs.

“I know you’re the hired caterer,” Peggy said, “but I didn’t really think you’d cook! I thought it was just a party formality.”

Peggy wasn’t too sure how she felt about having someone else in her kitchen.

“It’s ok!” said Rosey. “Every kitchen has space for plenty of cooks!”


Hearing that, I joined Rosey and Peggy and baked a zombie cake. The whole house smelled amazing: like chocolate and mint and vanilla!

Shannon Simsfan, Meggles, and Suzy Wong joined us.

“We’re so glad you’ve decided to settle here,” Shannon said. “We’re a diverse group, and we support each other. We all share a love of literature and Sims!”

“Well,” said Peggy. “I’ve always loved literature, and you do seem like a welcoming group. I feel like I’m one of you already!”


About this time, I realized that neither Joel nor Jes had shown up. I called Joel.

“Oh, we were on our way,” Joel said, “and then we started talking about Rocky Road. The ideas just got flowing and we lost track of time! We’ll stop off and meet her tomorrow…. hang on a sec. What’s that, Jes? Jes says, ‘Happy birthday, Peggy!'”

Joel and Jes

Peggy took her drink outside where Miss Penguin was telling Carewren and Rosey about little Penguin’s Halloween adventures.

“You can’t believe the terrifying stories that everyone told!” she said. “Especially Vanity High’s! It was almost too scary there for a moment, but kids love scary stories! It turned out to be really fun!”

Miss Penguin

As the sun was setting, OJenn and Rae talked about some of the challenges of playing neighborhood rotations in TS4.

“What about living in a rotation?” Rae was asking. “Isn’t this game like that?”

“Not really,” said OJenn. “Ice Cream House is the only one played. But it does feel like we’ve got a revolving door to our house and our game to let in all sorts of friends, old and new.”


Peggy, feeling happy and tired after a long afternoon party, where she got to celebrate her birthday while meeting all her new neighbors–now friends, wandered through the house, collecting dirty dishes.


She cleaned them up before I even noticed what she was doing.


“It’s your birthday, Peggy!” I said. “You’re supposed to leave the dishes for us!”

“That’s right,” said Suzy. “Who cleans on their birthday?”

“I do!” said Peggy. “What better way to show thanks for a great party than by clearing up the dishes at party’s end?”


The day was ending and it was time to head home.

“Race you back!” cried Kimmy, our resident goofball. “Last one home is a cheesy eyeball!”

Looks like Suzy’s going to have to hurry if she wants to overtake me! I’m not about to be a cheesy eyeball or a rotten egg!


“How lovely!” Peggy said. “To move into a new neighborhood! To meet new friends! To have the All Blacks on TV! To throw a costume party! To dress like a zombie in honor of my goofball grandson! To be remembered on my birthday!”


Happy birthday to Peggy, Munter Bacon’s granny, from all your new friends, who will remember you every Halloween!

Spookytacular Special: #1 Spooky Scares & Creepy Tales

It is time for the first event of my Spookytacular!

Just like teenagers to get on their phones as soon as they arrive. Kalaya, Krystina, Me (Baby P), and Lil Meg
Me and Lil Meg are in sync.
Gossiping about the teenagers.
Miss Van High (red shirt and jacket) and Kid Jordan joined my guests.
Enter at your own risk MUHAHAHA!

I invited all my guests inside the hauntin’ house. I let them wander around before I showed them to their rooms so they could get ready for dinner and change into their costumes.

I warned them to watch out for spooooky ghosts!

Miss Van High scoped out the decor.
Kid Jordan tried out the candy dish. She seems unamused by the ghost scare.
Kalaya, Lil Meg, and Krystina head to their shared room.
Miss Van High gets the fancy Blue room
She doesn’t seem to care that the scary doll is possesed.
Kalaya stays in the spider web room. She is already in her pirate costume. Arrrr Matey!
Ninjapig needed some privacy
Ninjapig tried the bed springs out for Kalaya. She approves.
Lil Meg, Kid Jordan, and Krysti had the blue spiderweb room. I am not sure that Krysti was thrilled to share a room with two kids. But Lil Meg is sweet and Kid Jordan is my buddy!
Kid Jordan told me she really thought the creepy doll decor was awesome
Ninjapig wanted to play with the toys
My upstairs neighbor
While I waited for my guests to change into their costumes, I worked on my short story. I don’t have to share a room.
but Ninjapig can sleep in my room anytime she wants.
Ready to party. I changed into my scary witch costume.

Jordan and I dressed up as witches from my short story. You should read. it. They were scary hags!

Miss Van High was Sally, from one of The Watcher’s favorite holidays movies…next to some movie called Hokey Pokey. She also had a visitor, she didn’t seem scared.
Krysti had super cool day of the dead makeup!
Lil Meg changed into her Pink Power Ranger costume. The Watcher said that was her favorite tv show and that was her favorite Ranger!
Ninjapig approves. She also loves pink!
Jordan was one of the scary witches from my story.
Miss Van High spent the pre dinner time gettin’ to know our spooky ghost
Kalaya also wanted to get to know the ghost…at the same time…in the same physical space.
Ninjapig couldn’t wait for dinner. She spoiled her dinner with yummy popcorn. She insisted she had room for more.

Everyone headed downstairs for dinner. I made the big bird hurry up and make food. We were starvin’!

We sat down to dinner after one of the big birds finally finished cooking. She really takes forever.

Ninjapig snuck out because the big Penguin was taking so long to make dinner. She ate all the candies then she ran
…into the kitchen again, to watch her cook. She wanted to supervise. No pork products!
She is disgustingly happy.

After the spooky cookies, zombie cake, and gooey cheesy eyeballs Miss Van High cleaned the dishes for us. I wanted the big bird to do it. But that was nice of her.

After dinner we gathered around the campfire and took our places for the storytellin’! I was so excited I knew these were gonna be the bestest spooky stories I ever heard!

I made sure Ninjapig had the best seat!

Krysti said she felt we were being watched. I told her I was famous so everyone wants to see me.

Kalaya is up first:

There was a bad little kid who stole everyone’s candy, and one day.. The kid died.

Meg seemed worried
Krysti wasn’t amused

Just kidding.

But this is how the real story went. A seven year old brat named Haley was hustling people for their jolly ranchers and a mean old lady tricked her.

She invited Haley into her house, and complemented her own her hair.

Haley was fed tons of food, and got all the jolly ranchers in the world.

The only bad thing was that she was forced to eat all of the jolly ranchers at once. She choked on them and was then put in an oven to be cooked alive and eaten.

That is horrible! What a mean old lady!
She deserved it.

Miss Van High was up next:

My Great Gran used to live an old house away up in Granite Falls, my Great Grandad had dies so she lived there all alone with her little dog, Mylo. She loved that dog, and he loved her. Every night, when she went to bed, Mylo would lick her hand to let her know he was there looking after her.
One night, she was woken up by the soft cries of Mylo, she assumed he was dreaming about next door neighbour’s cat chasing him and wanted to comfort him. She reached her hand down and moved it around looking for faithful pet in his usual position, crawled up at the side of her bed when she felt Mylo’s warm breath on her hand and then his usual lick, this assured her that he was ok and she fell back asleep.

The next morning, she woke up and reached down for Mylo but found he wasn’t there. This wasn’t too unusual for him, perhaps he was already in the kitchen finishing off is food from the night before. She got up and headed towards the bathroom, she heard a dripping sound, she checked the taps but the noise wasn’t from them. She turned towards her shower, had she left the curtain pulled back like that? Reaching a hand out, she pulled the curtain back quickly and let out a loud scream.

There in front of her, was the biggest spider she had ever seen, sitting quite nicely on the shower handle, the shower that was dripping. “Mylo,” she called out, “Mylo come here and help mummy get this spider!” There was no answer, no scraping of paws on the kitchen floor, no padding of little legs running up the stairs after being called.

“Mylo?” she called out again, she quickly headed down the stairs and into the kitchen, “Mylo? Where are you?” there was still no answer from her beloved pet. Opening the door to the livingroom, she dropped to the floor, “No!” she screamed.

There, on her wall, written in blood were the words “HUMANS CAN LICK TOO!”

What?! Ew.
Oh no!

Lil Meg was up next:

There once was a little town with lots of cute little houses. The people that lived there were all nice and friendly and all the kids played together all the time.

On Halloween night the town was filled with kids in all sorts of different costumes. Fairies! Pirates! Clowns! You name it! Door to door they went, asking for candy. The nice people in the houses gave it to them! Everyone was happy.

Towards the end of the night, Lil Megs and her friends came to their last house. It was a bright and shiny house with a perfectly manicured green lawn and a pink flamingo in the front yard. For some reason, Lil Megs felt weird about this house.

She couldn’t put her finger on it but it seemed almost too perfect, like they were in a game. They went up the stairs and stepped up to the doorbell. Lil Megs rang it and heard it “ding-plum!” through the house.

They waited for the door to open for what seemed like minutes… and then, finally, the door creaked open… In the doorway was a woman in a polka dot cocktail dress, smiling and holding a huge candy dish. She looked nice. Too nice.

“Aren’t you all adorable?” She said in a sugary sweet voice, “Let’s see what I’ve got for you…” She reached into her bowl to pulled out a treat… “Here you go, sweeties!”

Into their baskets she tossed… CARROT STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

But I love carrot sticks Lil Meg!!

Little Megs and her friends ran screaming from the house and never went back there again.


No chocolate?!
That is so cruel!

Jordan is ready to go:

Guys, I’ve got a totally true real life scary story. Okay, so this one time we–my parents and I–were heading home from Granite Falls, right? And you know how loading screens are…sooo boring. This loading screen was so long, my portable stereo broke and everything.

I hate when that happens.
Oh no! Not the stereo!

Okay, so we’re heading home and all of a sudden there’s this random townie in the loading screen next to us, and he looks pretty bad. Not like, Mean-bad. Like, hunger-meter-is-red-bad. And my mom’s like, “We need to let help him! Let him into our loading screen!” And my dad’s like, “Plum no! There are real crazies out here — he could be Insane! Jordan’s in the back. Not risking it.”

At that very moment, our loading screens come to a stop–you know how sometimes it just freezes for no reason?–and the townie looks right at me. We make eye contact.

oh oh…
I’m worried

And he gives me CRAZY EYES!

Like this?

Oh no he didn’t!
Not Crazy eyes!

“Then our home lot loaded and I never ever saw the crazy townie again. Happily Ever After!”

Last but not least, Krystina’s story:

It was a cold and windy night. Mr. and Mrs. Leblanc sat together in the darkness of their small parlor, speaking softly to one another. The couple laughed and smiled together as they shared jokes and stories from years gone by. They had been together for many long and happy years, and loved their nightly ritual of reminiscing with one another. It was quiet, and peaceful… Just the way they liked it.


Their peaceful evening was quite rudely interrupted by an echoing knock at the front door. It almost shook the whole house.

Mrs. Leblanc tried her best to stifle a scream as her husband rose quickly from his seat. “Who’s there?” he called out. The only reply was another trio of loud knocks. BOOM BOOM BOOM!

The Leblancs had always liked keeping to themselves, y’see. The last time they had a visitor, well… They tried their best to forget about last time.

Mr. Leblanc tried to comfort his wife as silently as he could as he headed nervously toward the entryway.

“What if it’s a burglar?” His wife whispered frantically. “Or… Oh God, Eddie, what if it’s THEM again?!” Mr. Leblanc simply shushed her with a gesture of his finger.

The woman followed closely behind her husband as more knocking echoed throughout the old and musty house. Mr. Leblanc headed straight for the tiny peephole while Mrs. Leblanc pulled back the curtain of one of the windows ever-so-slightly, peeking through the tiny sliver of glass to the other side.

This time, Mrs. Leblanc failed to suppress her cry of alarm. “It’s THEM!” She practically flew as she drew back from the window, her husband doing the same as he pulled away from the peephole.

“Okay, okay… Just… don’t panic…” He fought to keep his composure as the muffled sounds of voices on the other side of the door reached their ears. “We got through it last time, darling. We can do this again.” Mr. Leblanc assured her.

With the sudden rattling of the doorknob, the couple fled as quickly as they could up the grand staircase to the second floor. “Come on!” Mr. Leblanc beckoned for his wife to join him as he squeezed himself in the tiny space behind a dusty bookcase in the upstairs hall.

It was a tight fit, but they made it, just in time to hear the low creak of the front door opening down below.

They listened breathlessly as the intruders paced back and forth on the first floor, occasionally calling out to one another in the darkness. Then, they were on the stairs.

The old wood creaked beneath their soft footsteps as the strangers approached. Mrs. Leblanc chanced a peek around the side of the bookshelf to get a better look. It was horrible. Their long black robes dragged across the layer of dust on the floor as their grotesque, masked faces looked all around, taking in every inch of the old house. She could hear the soft banging and crinkling of the large sacks they carried as they fumbled around in the dark. The woman shuddered to think of what might be inside.
It was a tense few minutes, but then finally, the unwelcome guests decided to take their leave, just like they always did.

“That was SO stupid.” One of them grumbled as he headed for the stairs. “I thought this place was supposed to be SCARY!”

“Max thought he was so funny, trying to scare us…” This one was a female. “I knew this old place wasn’t really haunted.”

“Come on, let’s get outta here before we get in trouble.” The third finally spoke. “We still gotta hit up the Rosebrooks’ place… I heard they were giving out WHOLE candy bars this year!”

The trio of trick-or-treaters ran excitedly down the stairs and back out into the night, slamming the heavy front door behind them.

Mr. Leblanc breathed a sigh of relief as he floated gently through the wooden bookcase, emerging from his hiding place. “That was a close one…” He said softly. “I wish they’d just leave us alone.”

“I know.” His wife said sadly. “Do you think they’ll be back?” She asked.

Mr. Leblanc draped a long, transparent arm over his wife’s slender shoulders. “I don’t know.” He confessed, still shaken by the encounter. “But I know one thing – I REALLY hate Halloween…”

And with that, the Leblancs floated back down the stairs together, eager to return to their happy eternity of peace and solitude.


They were ghosts!

My turn for the awesome spooky story!

“It was a dark and stormy niiiiiiight. In a rookery far, far away a fantastic little princess lived with a coven of three evil bir…witches.”

A while later….

That was amazing baby P!

So fun!

After the awesome stories, mine was awesomer, everyone said goodbyes and headed to their homes. Jordan stayed behind and we had a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone and I will see you in events two and three!.

Special Thanks to Citizenerased14 for Krystina, Ilovebunnys65 for Kalaya, Vanityhigh for Miss Van High, and Meggles for Lil Meg and JordanNicoleJJ for Kid jordan and for their wonderful short spooky campfire stories.

Thank you guys for your patience. I know everything has been late this month. I have just had a lot of things going on. But having my Simlit family has made it much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Events 2 and 3 coming soon and a sleepover with Baby P and Olivia Love

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